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About the company

     Hundreds of thousands of tons of fertilizers are produced every year in the world, and this figure is only increasing. Plant life and nutrition are complex processes that require serious theoretical and practical knowledge. Specialists of the research and production company Volsky Biochem LLC will help you understand the subtleties of agrochemistry and application technologies, as well as current issues of plant nutrition. We will develop individual programs for you to achieve the maximum yield and quality indicators. 
     Our company was one of the first companies to develop complex microfertilizers and their large-scale implementation in agricultural production technology in Russia. Over the years, the company has accumulated a large amount of application results, both in cooperation with research institutes and agricultural producers. Volsky Biochem LLC has established itself as a reliable partner and manufacturer of highly efficient and safe fertilizers. Our fertilizers are exported to the CIS countries, the Balkan Peninsula and West Africa. The company specializes in only on the development and production of fertilizers, which guarantees the production of highly efficient and high-quality products. To date, the company produces 19 brands of fertilizers based on its own patented formulations. A wide range of products allows you to fully meet the nutritional needs of agricultural crops. The product range is represented by fertilizers with one (Monoforms) or two elements of nutrition (Diforms), as well as complex fertilizers with macro - and microelements - STRADA, MICROMAK, MICROEL, ECOMAK. 
     Volsky Biochem LLC provides a high level of customer service. The staff of the agronomic service is represented by highly qualified specialists-graduates of agricultural universities with work experience, as well as candidates of agricultural and chemical sciences. Our highly qualified specialists provide comprehensive and competent support to agricultural enterprises in any issues of agricultural production technologies. We build our work on the basis of an individual approach to each client. 
     Reducing the cost of production, increasing the yield and quality of agricultural products by optimizing the plant nutrition system is our main task. That is why agricultural producers in Russia and abroad trust us.



Maximum product efficiency -


the ratio of nutrients in fertilizers is selected taking into account the antagonism and synergy of elements 

of trace elements -


allows the microelement to better penetrate through the cuticle and be used more effectively in leaf cells

Additional growth-stimulating effect -


wetting agents, adhesives, organic acids and vitamins increase the activity of trace elements 

Does not require additional application costs -


excellent compatibility with pesticides

of the compositions

Special features


  1. Many years of development experience and proven technology for the production of liquid microfertilizer formulations guarantee:
    - consistency of the chemical composition of fertilizers in each batch;
    - stability of solutions during storage;
    - excellent compatibility with pesticides in the tank mix;
    - possibility of using sprayers with different types and diameters of sprayers.
    The liquid formulation does not require dissolution – fertilizers are easily mixed even in cold water.
  2. The composition and ratio of food elements are scientifically justified by research conducted in leading fundamental and agricultural research institutes, taking into account the enzymatic state of plants. The first author's certificates for the compositions were obtained in 1994. The compositions include a patented nitrogen-fixing and photosynthetic complex of trace elements.
  3. Chelated form of trace elements (copper, zinc, iron, manganese, cobalt) it ensures their rapid intake and effective use by the plant, and also allows you to stably keep all the elements in a highly concentrated solution.
  4. Along with the main trace elements, the compositions also contain:
    - lithium, chromium, nickel, and vanadium, essential for plant immunity, nitrogen metabolism, and stress tolerance;
    - cobalt and selenium necessary for photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation, nitrogen metabolism and anti-stress resistance of plants.
    - silicon, which improves the absorption of other macro-and microelements, increases metabolism, has an anti-stress effect, promotes the formation of a strong cell wall – increases the strength of stem and other plant structures
  5. The presence of wetting agents, adhesives, penetrators, organic acids and vitamins increases the effectiveness of trace elements, provides additional growth-stimulating and anti-stress properties.
  6. Our preparations improve the development of the root system and increase its dissolving capacity. This allows more efficient use of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from soil reserves and macro fertilizers applied to the soil.
  7. Maximum disclosure of the genetic potential of a variety of agricultural crops occurs due to the following factors::
    - increase of field germination and strengthening of tillering;
    - accelerate germination and increase the safety of seedlings;
    - improving drought resistance;
    - reducing the harmfulness of root rot and other diseases;
    - increasing the size of the leaf surface and improving the conditions for photosynthesis
  8. At low costs, the resulting increase in yield determines the high economic efficiency of the compositions. At the same time, the guaranteed increase in yield when using our fertilizers allows you to return up to half the cost of sowing costs!

Thanks to a wide range of products, we offer the development of an individual plant nutrition program for the conditions of a particular agricultural enterprise, which will allow you to use seed material and macro fertilizers with maximum efficiency, get the planned high-quality yield and increase the profitability of production.

 Volsky Biochem LLC


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and production company

with a long history, it produces

and sells liquid complex 

fertilizer with microelements 

based on its patented recipes.



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