The highest content of molybdenum from the entire line of fertilizers Volsky Biochem


It is most in demand among cultures:
legumes – peas, soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, testes of perennial herbs, flax

Purpose: pre-sowing treatment of seeds and for foliar application

Packing: 10 Liters canister

Consumption rate: 0.5-1.0 l/ha ton–seed treatment; 0.5-1.5 l/ha foliar application

State registration number: 182-11-2899-1 TU 20.15.79-009-58954477-2018



Easy to use liquid form (solution)
High concentration of boron and molybdenum
Organic form of boron and molybdenum – fast and effective assimilation
Additionally, the composition includes a membrane penetrator
Synergism of boron and molybdenum action with their simultaneous increased demand



Improves pollination and fertilization of flowers
Increases seed productivity
Increase the germination and germination energy of the obtained seeds
Stimulates the formation of nodules on the roots of legumes
Increases the assimilation of nitrogen by nodule bacteria (especially during seed inoculation)
Reduces the incidence of bacteriosis, fusarium and anthracnose of flax
Improves nitrogen metabolism, including ensures the assimilation of nitrogen
Increases the protein and oil content of grains
Increases protein collection per unit area



High payback

Protection against counterfeit goods

The original canister is embossed with the company logo "Volsky Biochem" 
The label is made of polymer materials (not paper, does not exfoliate when torn off)
The supplier must provide in the package of documents a copy of the current Declaration of Conformity and a Certificate of state registration of the agrochemical with the blue seal of the manufacturer
Availability of a stamp on the label with the date of production and batch number


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