Liquid complex fertilizer with microelements for leaf dressing


Packing: 10 Liter canister

Consumption rate: 3-5 liter per hectare

State registration number: 2254-12-204-420-0-0-0-1 TU 2189-004-58954477-2010

The composition of the fertilizer Strada К

Note: The standard consumption rate is 3 liter per hectare. It is recommended to increase the consumption rates when planning high yields and insufficient provision of potassium through the soil. Working solution consumption 100-300 liter per hectare.

Recommendations for use



Highly concentrated suspension – the potassium content is comparable to dry fertilizers
Easy to use liquid form, no dissolution required, time-saving
Good compatibility with pesticides
High speed of assimilation
The wetting agent and adhesive improve the spreading of the drug and its fixation on the sheet, the assimilation of micronutrients increases, and the effectiveness of jointly applied pesticides increases.
Trace elements enhance biochemical processes and increase the efficiency of potassium
Organic acids and vitamins stimulate growth, increase cold resistance, drought resistance and resistance to diseases
Silicon and potassium, together with trace elements, ensure the synthesis and distribution of carbohydrates, their outflow from leaves to seeds, tubers, and fruits



Increases resistance to lodging and adverse weather conditions
Improves product quality – increases the content of sugars and vitamins
Increases the transportability and shelf life



Cost recovery up to 6 times or higher

Protection against counterfeit goods

The original canister is embossed with the company logo "Volsky Biochem" 
The label is made of polymer materials (not paper, does not exfoliate when torn off)
The supplier must provide in the package of documents a copy of the current Declaration of Conformity and a Certificate of state registration of the agrochemical with the blue seal of the manufacturer
Availability of a stamp on the label with the date of production and batch number


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