Liquid complex fertilizer with microelements for leaf dressing


Packing: 10 Liters canister

Consumption rate: 3-5 l/ha

State registration number: 2035-10-204-199-0-0-0-0 TU 2189-003-58954477-2010

The composition of fertilizer the Strada N

Recommendations by to use

     Leaf fertilization with Strada N fertilizer reduces the dose of ammonium nitrate, which reduces the cost of nitrogen fertilization in general.

     Based on the results of field experiments conducted in a number of agricultural research institutes, it was proved that the grain yield when using Strada N fertilizer with a reduced dose of nitrogen is not lower than the yield when using a full dose of nitrogen without leaf feeding. Such results are achieved due to the following factors:

fractional application of nitrogen increases the efficiency of each kg of the active substance of the fertilizer
three forms of nitrogen provide its prolonged and complex effect
the presence of sulfur in the composition provides optimization of nitrogen exchange
a complex of microelements increases the efficiency of using nitrogen, including from the soil
the application of nitrogen to the leaf ensures its better assimilation than it takes from the soil, including due to the presence of a penetrating agent that accelerates penetration into the leaf and transport in the plant
the presence of vitamins and organic acids in the composition provides additional stimulation of plant growth, which accelerates the incorporation of nitrogen into organic substances, primarily amino acids and proteins



Highly concentrated suspension – nitrogen content comparable to dry fertilizers
Easy to use liquid form, does not require dissolution
The possibility of reducing the doses of ammonium nitrate used by 30-50%
Good compatibility with pesticides
The effectiveness of co-applied pesticides increases due to the presence of nitrogen in the amide form
Nitrogen in the amide form and the chelated form of trace elements contribute to the rapid penetration of elements into the leaf
Microelements enhance biochemical processes, promote the rapid transition of nitrogen to organic form, prevent excessive accumulation of nitrates and other negative consequences of excess nitrogen (lodging, development of diseases, etc.).
The synthesis of amino acids and proteins is enhanced, and plant growth is enhanced
Three forms of nitrogen contribute to its prolonged and efficient use
Organic acids and vitamins additionally stimulate growth, increase cold resistance, drought resistance and resistance to diseases
Silicon provides the formation of a strong stem that is resistant to lodging, protects plants from negative weather factors, pests and diseases



Activates the development of vegetative mass, which is especially important in spring for winter crops – plants recover quickly after overwintering
Effectively relieves stress in plants* * after the use of pesticides and adverse weather conditions
Provides an increase in grain yields by 5-7 centners / ha, other crops-at least 10%
Increases gluten and protein content in grains by 2-4%
** Studies on the impact of stress were conducted in 2010-2011 at the All-Russian Research Institute of Plant Protection of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VIZ.)



Cost recovery up to 10 times or higher

Protection against counterfeit goods

The original canister is embossed with the company logo "Volsky Biochem" 
The label is made of polymer materials (not paper, does not exfoliate when torn off)
The supplier must provide in the package of documents a copy of the current Declaration of Conformity and a Certificate of state registration of the agrochemical with the blue seal of the manufacturer
Availability of a stamp on the label with the date of production and batch number


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