Liquid microfertilizer with high zinc content


Packing: 10 Liter canister

Consumption rate: 0.2-1.0 l/ha­

State registration number: 182-11-27-1      TU 2189-007-58954477-2011

Recommendations for use

Note: the consumption rate can be increased to 1 liter per hectare if the zinc content in the soil is low and high yield is planned. Working solution consumption 100-300 liter per hectare.



Easy to use liquid formulation (suspension)
High zinc content - 6.1% (75 g/l)
Zinc in the chelated form of EDTA is an easily available chelate form
Nitrogen (5.0%) in the form of urea improves leaf penetration
Low Consumption rate 0.2-1.0 liter per hectare
Special additives for high stability of the working solution and good compatibility with other drugs
The moisture-retaining additive reduces the evaporation rate of the working solution, reduces the loss of moisture by the protoplasm of cells, and increases the drought resistance of plants
Improves the absorption of phosphorus
Activates many enzymes, improves metabolism
Regulates root formation
Promotes moisture retention in plant cells and accumulation of phytohormones
■ Silicon improves the absorption of zinc by plants and enhances the effect of zinc in drought



Increases drought resistance
Increases resistance to diseases
Increases the content of sugars, starch, vitamins C, PP and group B
Increases maize biomass growth, increases yield and protein content
Increases the shelf life of sugar beet, improves technological qualities of root crops



High payback

Protection against counterfeit goods

The original canister is embossed with the company logo "Volsky Biochem" 
The label is made of polymer materials (not paper, does not exfoliate when torn off)
The supplier must provide in the package of documents a copy of the current Declaration of Conformity and a Certificate of state registration of the agrochemical with the blue seal of the manufacturer
Availability of a stamp on the label with the date of production and batch number


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